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These Star Wars Smoke Pipes Will Make You Jelly

Pipes are the number one accessory for tobacco / herbal smoking. Some people collect them for a hobby. Some, on the other hand, want to have a variety in their possession.

Whether you’re looking for a new smoke pipe out of passion or you intend to use it, this catalog features products you might be interested in. These are some of the best pipes or water pipes of your favorite star wars characters.

Star Wars has captured the hearts of viewers from all ages. It’s no longer surprising if you hear someone binge watch the film or watch the entire series over again.

If you are also an avid follower yourself and want to extend that fondness in your smoke pipe collection, here are some products you should check out:

Darth Vader

darth vader pipePortrayed by several actors, Darth Vader or Anakin Skywalker, is one of the pivotal characters in the Star Wars franchise. That’s why this smoke pipe collection will not be complete without featuring him.  

Right at first glance, you’ll notice how different this smoke pipe is from the others with a similar design. It’s handcrafted, which means every piece is a product of creativity.

Though the material is made from high-quality durapox plastic, you won’t feel that. Also, the metal pipe inside the bowl is made of baby coconut. When you smoke, you won’t inhale plastic.

You’ll enjoy your sesh as much, and more so because you’re using your Darth Vader pipe.

If you know someone who’s a Star Wars follower, themselves, consider giving them this item as a gift. They’ll appreciate it for sure, whether or not they smoke.

Note: There is also even a darth vader bowl found here.

R2-D2 pipe

r2-d2 pipeYes...this brave (and adorable) little robot, R2-D2, is also one of the major characters in the Star Wars series. It’s only fitting to include it on this Star Wars smoke pipe collection as many love this character so much.

It appeared on nine out of ten films in the series. But if you still have not had enough of this creation, you can have him with you all the time by getting yourself this R2-D2 smoke pipe.

You’ll notice that our version is far from the sleek models offered in the market today. But its ruggedness is what makes it more beautiful. At least in the eyes of the artists and fans that hand painted them.

These pipes, like the rest in the collection, are fully functional. They’re also very durable. You’re sure to make the most of every dollar you spend for your very own R2-D2 pipe.

This model is part of a limited collection so go purchase one before stocks run out.

Smoking Yoda

yoda pipeSmall in size, but definitely not the least among the Star Wars characters. Yoda is the legendary Jedi master responsible for training Luke Skywalker. This adorable film character is also part of our Star Wars pipe collection.

If you want a little memorabilia of Yoda, but want something that can be useful, consider getting one of our smoking pipes. It’s a unique pipe you won’t find in any other shop for it’s handcrafted.

No model is exactly the same as another. You’ll find slight variations from one product to another as the smallest details are all painted with hands. Though this pipe is made of plastic, it looks and feels like ceramic.

Add to that, the price won’t hurt your budget. So go get your smoking Yoda pipe today.

If you are looking for other Yoda products, check out the Rasta Yoda pipe and the Male Yoda Bowl Piece

Stormtrooper Pipe

Stormtrooper PipeThe soldiers of the Galactic Empire, Stormtroopers are another notable cast in the Star Wars films. In our collection, we made sure to include them as it won’t be Star Wars without this mighty force clad in white armor.

If you would like to complete your Star Wars limited edition smoking pipe, might as well include Stormtrooper in your cart. Only a few pieces are left so it’s best to purchase while they’re still around.

Make your next smoking sesh fun with each of your peers holding their very own Star Wars pipe.

You can also send one of these pipes to your friends that are avid supporters of the movie. They probably don’t smoke, but they’ll love how intricately designed our Stormtroopers are.

Chewbacca Pipe

chewbacca pipeChewbacca or ‘Chewie’ is Han Solo’s good friend, sticking with him even through tough times. He can be hot-tempered at times. But this tall and wise creature always held a big heart inside of him.

Also a part of our smoke pipe Star Wars collection, you can now take Chewie with you on your next session with your good friends. If you have that one great buddy who stuck with you through it all, you might want to give them this pipe as a little appreciation for their kindness and loyalty.

If you are completing your Star Wars collection of pipes, don’t forget to purchase this one too. Your pipe is sure to stand out within the group. Plus, you can be confident your new smoking accessory will last you a long time as it’s made to be very durable.

How to Choose the Best Smoking Pipe for You

Selecting a smoking pipe is easier said than done. The selection varies widely, with some products costing around a thousand dollars. If you go to pipe shops frequently, you probably already know how difficult it is to find ‘the one’.

Whether you’re buying a pipe online or from physical stores, you want your purchase to be worth it. Here are crucial factors to always consider when you shop for a smoke pipe.

Be Sure You Like It

This is about the look and feel of the pipe. If you don’t like how it feels when you’re holding it, it’s not a good fit. Aesthetics is an important factor. No matter how reasonably priced a pipe is, chances are you will not be able to use it for a long time if it does not satisfy you. Take a look at the collection of smoking pipes that excite you. If you are a fan of Star Wars, for instance, these items in our catalog may be ideal for you.

Inspect Quality

Once you have found the pipes that appeal to you, the next thing to check is the mechanical part. Examine the parts and the build of the pipe. Are the parts perfectly aligned? Does the pipe have a smooth airway? How your pipe performs will also impact your enjoyment. Well-made smoking pipes differ a lot from mediocre choices in terms of function. If the pipe shop is known to create durable products, that’s a good start.

Check the Price (Our are Great)

They say that you always get what you pay for. This doesn’t mean, though, that spending thousands of dollars will guarantee you having a great pipe. Every pipe and every smoker differ. Pick the best one out of what you can afford. And be realistic when it comes to your budget. After all, you can get yourself a high-quality, fully-functional pipe without throwing away your hard-earned cash.

It’s okay to take a lot of time when shopping for a new smoke pipe. It’s an important investment, after all. You don’t always buy a pipe so you might as well make the right choice every time.

Care Tips for Your Smoking Pipes

Your pipe can last you for several years provided you give it the attention it needs. Here are some tips so you can extend the lifespan of your smoking pipe.

  • Clean it with pipe cleaners after each use. This will help keep it dry and smelling pleasant.
  • When not in use, store your pipe properly. Don’t expose it to intense heat or high temperatures. This can alter the appearance of your pipe and also affect its taste.
  • Don’t bang your pipe against hard surfaces after use. Use only the palm of your hands to shake off any remaining tobacco residue.
  • Don’t leave your pipe filled if you’re not using it for the next hour or so. See to it to remove the tobacco to help dry the pipe.
  • Don’t leave your pipe in an enclosed or airtight container. Let it stay in the open air, with its stem facing up.

Ask your seller for more cleaning and care tips. Don’t be shy to ask your seller how to care best for their pipes. They made it themselves, so they for sure know how to keep them in good condition.

Where to Purchase the Best Star Wars Smoking Pipes Online

GeorgiaGlassWorks started in 2014. We continued to offer the same high-quality smoking pipes our loyal clients have known us for. And we also strive to improve our pipes every time to also ensure enjoyment of our customers. We want every customer to be happy with their purchase.

If this is your first time buying smoking pipes online, look out for the following from the seller:

Discreet shipping. The seller must be able to offer discreet shipping, especially if you requested it.

Transparent return policy. There should be clear information on their website as to how their return policy works. Anything can happen to the products while they’re in transit. You want your investment secured, as much as possible.

Secured site. Don’t transact with a business if their website isn’t secured, to begin with.

Working contact details. Always test the contact details if they’re working. Online shops may not have brick-and-mortar stores, but that doesn’t mean they can’t provide quality customer service.

Product quality. You want your pipe to be fully functional. Look beyond aesthetics and ask about the making of the pipe. Reliable businesses will be happy to share information about the construction of their smoking pipes.

Make your next sesh alone or with friends more exciting. Check out our limited edition Star Wars smoking pipes. Affordable, durable, and attractive - they’re everything you will ever need in a pipe.

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