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Perks of using Percolators

☆ Cools down smoke (or vapor)
☆ Creates drag
☆ Filters smoke further
☆ Tons of designs
☆ Makes you cooler than your friends

Percolators. You know the word, we all do, but you might not know exactly what a percolator is or how much having one -or four- can affect your smoking experience. Put simply a percolator is a sub-chamber crafted on the inside of water pipes, and can be either (seemingly) underwhelming in design or helplessly enigmatic. But no matter how complex, all percolators are quite adept at performing their duty of smoothing your smoking experience. A good example of a percolator that's easily recognizable, for instance, is the Honeycomb design that proves so very popular with today's youth or a fritted disk percolator.

So now that we know what a percolator is, let's talk about what it actually does. A percolator provides in-line smoke-water interaction through diffusion and the exchange of heat. In "toker terms"-as I like to put it- this means that while the smoke from your herb of choice is travelling through this sub-chamber, it will be divvied up into several different paths. This allows the smoke to cool faster so that you don't end up burning your throat. The smoke then reassembles  and heads on its merry way through the rest of your water pipe (and possibly other percs) to your lungs! An extra little perk that comes with a perc, pun intended, is that it helps to create drag in your piece, maximizing your draw. You'll find that a percolator really is a useful addition to any smokers collection.

Now let's talk a little bit more about the designs of different percolators. They range from simple creations, like the aforementioned Honeycomb, to complex constructs, like the matrix percolator. The differences that come with each design are (for the most part) quite miniscule, but as with most things the more high-end the product, the better your end result will be.

In conclusion, percolators are an addition that quite improve the quality of smoke on a water pipe. They cool your smoke tremendously and they filter out any of those nasty "unwanteds" that can make the difference a good time and a great time. There is a plethora of designs too, so make sure you go out and find out which one suits you and your needs best, that you may continue to pull those milky-white hits!

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